Tubular Furnaces

Among the methods to grow silcon oxide, are found the thermal treatment humid and dry via to silicon wafers. In the humid thermal treatment used in the CIDESI Queretaro clean room, we use a water vapour furnace, which in combination with an inert gas and a specific pressure promotes the growth of a silicon oxide film.

The silicon oxide growth by dry thermal treatment is very similar to the humid via, instead of using water vapour, oxigen molecules are used with a determined pressure and gas flow, promote the growth of the silicon oxide film. Commonly, the oxide growth rate that is obtained by dry thermal treatment is slower compared to that of the humid treatment.

In the conventional process the silicon oxide growth, the film thickness is determined by the implementation of the ellipsometry technique, which results convenient for these kind of materials.

Depending on the application given to the oxide, we can determine which growth process is more convenient. Currently, at the Microtechnologies Management in CIDESI Queretaro, this dielectrical material is used as a masking material and as an active material in the integrated circuits manufacture process.

Fig. 1. Psi Spectrum adjust for the system air/silicon oxide/ silicon. By optical analysis we can determine the film thickness grown thermally.

Fig. 2. Quartz tube of the high temperature furnace used for humid via thermal growth of the silicon oxide.

Fig. 3. Silicon wafers with silicon oxide. This system is widely used and pillar of the electronic devices manufacturing industry.

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