Digital Optical Microscopies

At the Microtechnology Management, in CIDESI Queretaro, specifically the clean room, we have two digital optical microscopes. These apparatus are used for inspection, mainly, in the device manufacture and the devices themselves, which helps us obtaining the desired results in our projects.

The operation modalities of these apparatus allow us to obtain images with a higher quality than those that can be obtained with conventional optical microscopes, these modalities are supported by their powerful image processor and are the following:
1) Wide depth of field,
2) Multi-angle shots,
3) Multi-lighting, and
4) Obtention of profile, volume and height through image acquisition by the creation of 3D models.

Next, images obtained by our researchers using optical microscopes of the clean room are shown:

Multi-angle observation and wide depth of field

Through image obtaining in angles different than the normal, the image processing and angular lighting, the morphology of ultranano crystalline diamond thin films can be observed.

Real time measurements

Height and depth measurements can be obtained through the selection of an area in the same instant the sample is being observed. In the figures the height of microbolometers was obtained by micromachining.

3D Models

The micromachining is a widely used in sensors manufacturing, and the adequate inspection of structures is critical in the correct operation of these devices. In the figure at the left a vibration sensor is observed where the springs hold a silicon mass. In the figure at the right a micro needle is observed that is used in glucose sensors.

Device inspection

In the images the top view of three electrodes is shown for oxidation potential and a photodetector.

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